As a bilingual translator with a degree in this field, I exclusively translate into my mother tongues, Spanish and German, to assure the quality of my work. Nevertheless I do also translate from English and Russian.
I am also a certified translator and interpreter for Spanish and German and can therefore deliver sworn translations in these languages.


In meetings, reunions or conferences, I help you establish good communication and understanding between German and Spanish speaking participants.

As a certified interpreter for Spanish and German, I can also assist you with interpretation services in official and legal matters.


I also offer proofreading of Spanish and German texts. This way you can rest assured, your text is free of typos and unfortunate expressions, delivering high-quality results.


Fields of work

As a translator I have been trained to translate all sorts of texts in different fields. However, there are always fields one can relate better to than others. Thus, I like to underline the fields in which I have experience and my fields of interest.

Please do no hesitate to contact me even if your text is related to a different field. The purpose of this list is merely to introduce you to my main fields of work.

Experienced in:

  • Law
  • Certificates
  • Economy
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Localization of video games
  • Localization of websites
  • Human Rights

Fields of interest:

  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • IT
  • Ecology