About me

My name is Elena María Pérez Almeida and I grew up with Spanish and German as mother tongues on the sunny Canary Islands. However, my passion for different cultures and languages has led me to many places. And so, in the past years I have come to live in Austria, Russia, Netherlands and now in Germany.

I am a driven person, eager of learning new things every day and always looking for new challenges. I am a passionate translator, as this is what I do and like best. Furthermore I find it extremely satisfying to contribute a little to a better understanding in the world.

Here is a bit more about my background.

I studied translation and interpretation for Spanish and German. I exclusively translate into my mother tongues to assure the quality of my work. I am also a certified translator and interpreter for these languages appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore I translate from English and Russian. I have been studying English since I was little and now use this language on a daily basis. This way I have achieved the necessary proficiency for a thorough understanding of a text, its connotations and the communicative purpose of its expressions. As for Russian, it was my second foreign language during my translation studies at university. In order to strengthen my intercultural and my language skills, during my studies I went on an exchange to the Moscow State Linguistic University.

After my studies, which I finished with great success, I had the chance to work as a language assistant at a school in Berlin. This is how I discovered the pleasure in teaching, which I have ever since combined with translating. Today besides teaching Spanish in different institutions, among them, the Albert-Ludwig-University in Freiburg, I also teach translation.

Furthermore, in Berlin I gained experience in localizing video games. This work requires a perfect command of the working languages, which is also essential in marketing, where I found myself working afterward. I assisted different international companies in the area of corporate communications and online marketing.

Here I developed a special interest in the business world and its impact, which led me to studying a Master’s in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This helped me deepen my knowledge of economy and development aid, among others.

In the past years I have been translating occasionally, mostly sworn translations, video game and website localization, as well as marketing material. I have also experience in interpreting at weddings and proofreading master’s thesis, application documents and website content. From time to time I also volunteer for NGOs, especially in the field of Children Rights, translating and proofreading.

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